Monday, 9 May 2011

A decisive answer from Cornwall on AV

In my opinion, whoever said that people are apathetic and not interested in politics was quite wrong.  The fact that more than 40 percent of registered electors in Cornwall participated in the AV Referendum is the latest example.  Following a lively debate in Cornwall, I was pleased that more than 40 percent of registered electors actually voted.  When the Bill that enabled the referendum to be held was being debated in Parliament I was very concerned that the Government would not accept a threshold of 40 percent of voter participation before accepting the outcome.  I lobbied hard for this to happen as I felt that such a significant change to our democratic process demanded a minimum level of participation or the outcome of the ballot would be in question.  I am pleased the result was so clear cut.

I was also pleased to join a fellow Cornish Coalition MP, Dan Rogerson (LibDem) in a recent debate in the House of Commons where we both confirmed our confidence that whatever the outcome of the referendum, the Coalition would continue to provide the stable government that the country needs at such a difficult and financially challenging time.  Economic stability is vital for everyone in our society and that will continue to be our priority.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the high turn-out at another recent event organised by the St. Mawes and St. Just in Roseland Society.  We had a lively discussion about the working  of Parliament as I described the impact of the new reforms in this Parliament.  In my daily work with constituents of all ages, I find people interested in local and national government as well as the EU.  If you would like me to come to a talk to a group you are involved with, in a non-party political way, about our democracy, please just ask.

As well as meetings with young people in both the constituency and in Westminster, I really enjoy my visits to schools and my visit to Richard Lander on Friday was no exception.  The teaching of citizenship and social responsibility in schools has clearly helped young people to take an interest in the governance of their community and country.  This is something I am always keen to support.

Finally, I was delighted to meet with the Chapter of Truro Cathedral and discuss their work as the Church for Cornwall.  As I was confirmed in the cathedral and thoroughly enjoy their excellent choir and music, along with the spiritual sustenance it provides.  I look forward to supporting the work of the cathedral during my time as an MP.  Of immediate concern is lending my support to the community choirs and music-making that the cathedral enables for the whole of Cornwall.

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