Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cornwall Council’s reviews its Housing Services

I welcome the below statement from Cornwall Council, who are consulting on proposed reforms of their housing service:

''Cornwall Council tenants and housing officers are working on a proposal to create a council-owned company to deliver the majority of housing services for the council.

Over the last year Cornwall Council has been talking to its tenants about changing the way it manages their homes to provide a single service and point of contact. At the moment, Council Housing in the former district of Carrick and homes in the east of Cornwall (the former districts of Caradon and North Cornwall) are managed differently, with Carrick Housing being an Arms length management Organisation and the housing in the east being managed by the council.  

The Council is consulting with tenants and staff about a proposal to create a council-owned company that will deliver all other housing services as well as council housing management.''

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