Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Encouraging news on unemployment

Figures released today by the Office of National Statistics show that, in line with the rest of the UK, unemployment in Truro and Falmouth fell in March 2012:

Although work needs to be done to bring these numbers down still further, in Truro and Falmouth we remain in a better position than other parts of the UK. When the 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK are ranked from those with the highest number of unemployed first, Truro and Falmouth comes in at number 422.

As of last month, for every two Jobseekers Allowance claimants in Truro and Falmouth, there are nine unfilled Jobcentre Plus vacancies.

However there is absolutely no room for complacency, and I will continue to work closely with businesses and Jobcentres in Cornwall, and with parliamentary colleagues in Westminster, to help Truro and Falmouth’s jobseekers into employment.  As Employment Minister Chris Grayling said today,  there are "far, far, far too many people still unemployed". This has to change. 

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