Monday, 12 November 2012

Falmouth shortlisted in Academy of Urbanism awards

 I was delighted to attend the Academy of Urbanism awards last week, in which Falmouth was shortlisted for the ‘Great Town’ category for UK & Ireland.
  • 70 towns and cities (20,000-150,000 pop.) were in the longlist, whittled down by the 500 Academians who make up the Academy of Urbanism - these are experts in their fields of urban design, planners and architects from across UK & Europe
  • That list got down to 20 then 3 towns which the judges then visited and Richard Gates and I co-ordinated  
  • The judges then compiled a report for each finalist and circulated this to the aforementioned 500 Academics who then voted.
The criteria the judges were looking for:
·         Evidence of effective management partnerships/Town Teams driving a town forward
·         Evidence of creative marketing that helps a town and its businesses
·         Evidence of proactive and growing events programme

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