Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Surviving and Thriving in 2012

I am delighted to support Community Alive Falmouth (CAF)in their  ‘Surviving and Thriving in 2012’ campaign, a six week programme of activities highlighting issues around poverty, wealth and fairness.
CAF is an informal network of local community organisations committed to supporting each other and celebrating the rich diverse community we have here.
Many of the organisations have offered time and inspiration to assist the message that though we are in ‘difficult times’, we can together offer information and support to reduce the need for money and increase social wealth.  Falmouth Library foyer has been the host for 5 weeks information displays and Friday afternoon ‘drop-ins’.
I have attached  CAF’s programme for recent and upcoming events below for those of you interested in attending:
The Programme:
From Poverty and Homeless Action Week:  28th Jan to 5th Feb to Fairtrade Fortnight Feb 27th to March 11th 
25th Jan: The programme started with a Fal Energy Partnership at The Poly; an evening of information on how we can we can become energy independent and wealthy here in our part of Cornwall
30th Jan to 5th March:  5 weeks exhibition and ‘drop-ins’ in the Falmouth Library foyer.  Each week has a specific theme with information about the current situation locally and globally and solutions already available here.  The themes being:  Fuel, Food, Finances, Friendship and Fairness.
‘Friday Drop-ins’.
Members of the Community Alive team have been attending  the display on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 5:00pm with local ‘specialists’ to explain how their organisations play their part in the community and what they have to offer to help the area thrive and assist cash strapped residents.    Debt advice, energy advice, links to positive projects, and ‘Seed Swap’.
 Feb 27th to March 11th 
Fairtrade Falmouth events for Fairtrade Fortnight: 
Sat 25th Feb:The Moor.   ‘Mad Hatters Fairtrade Teaparty’   10:00 –3:00pm
Tues 28 Feb: All Saints Church, Coffee Morning 10:00 -12:00noon
Fri 2nd March: Falmouth Council Chambers  Fairtrade Tasters 2:00 to 4:00pm
Sat 11th March:  Methodist Chapel: Fairtrade Tasting Party 10am -12noon
Sat 11th March: Foyer Phoenix Cinema: Wine&Chocolate Tasting  3pm - 8pm
5th March
The high point of the 6 weeks is to be a Free Feast for 5th March as part of the St Piran Day activities.   This will be a  Free Food Sharing Celebration at the  Falmouth Methodist foyer after the St Piran Dance on The Moor.  The CAF will provide basic food – hevva and saffron cake with other food from local residents, especially favourite and cultural recipes.   Falmouth is a diverse community and we wish to show this through food and sharing the wealth of our extended community.   Recipes from the event will be collated, a blog developed and in time a book produced.   Clothing suggested: black and white and gold!

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